Suppliers of Quality Aggregates

Quarrying is an essential part of our society as aggregates are vital for economic growth and development.

Raymond Brown Quarry Products are leading quarry operators and suppliers of primary aggregates.  Our quarries produce quality materials for local construction and provide sustainable solutions to the built environment.

Proactive community liaison and stakeholder engagement is of key importance to us.  We ensure regular engagement with stakeholders and the development of our Community Matters Initiative which sees us providing and supporting learning opportunities within the communities in which we work.

Raymond Brown Quarry Products invest heavily in ensuring protection of the environment. We protect and restore biological systems by setting standards for existing biodiversity and ongoing quarry restoration, as well as creating new initiatives and long-term objectives.

Our teams develop plans in close liaison with our neighbours who help us to measure performance and ensure that we are making significant improvements to biodiversity throughout the life of the site.

We ensure regular engagement with the Environment Agency and statutory authorities to ensure full compliance with legislation and regulation throughout the life of the site.

Our expertise and dedication to restoring, enhancing and improving land for the local community after extraction is one of our key skills.  We provide improved restoration and management of the land well into the future.

The potential transformation of the land into improved sustainable areas after extraction provides positive social, economic and environmental benefits.

We pride ourselves on keeping up with modern technologies and incorporating them into our operations to ensure we seek the best potential for the site.

All of our quarries are operated and maintained to the highest standards with a team of operatives and site management.  Operators are both highly skilled and trained and are heavily involved in decision making on site.  The whole site team recognises our responsibilities as a quarry operator, working closely with the HSQE Department and relevant statutory authorities to ensure that we are continually improving our performance.

We provide a full range of quality products for construction, sports and utilities applications from our quarries, including:

  • Aggregate (range of sizes)
  • Sharp Sand
  • Building Sand
  • Asphalt Sand
  • Grit Sand
  • As Dug Sand
  • Washed Sand

Raymond Brown Quarry Products works closely with the local community to provide relevant environmental, quality and technical information when looking to develop sites.  Regular liaison meetings are held across all our sites and we also hold open days, public exhibitions and issue electronic updates.