Community Matters

Community engagement and looking after our people has always been a key priority for our business.  We are committed to maintaining positive relationships within the communities in which we work and we are constantly developing opportunities to ensure the local community benefits from our operations.

Our education mission is simple:
“To provide and support learning opportunities within the communities in which we work.”

Raymond Brown are committed to working with schools, colleges and community groups to develop programmes that educate and inspire the future of our industry.

Raymond Brown invites children from local schools to use their imagination and creativity to produce designs for our lorry fleet. Based around the themes of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’, the children are encouraged to create posters that are as eye catching as possible whilst promoting the importance of recycling and the significance of staying safe within the industry.

The winners are selected by the Raymond Brown board of directors and the most successful designs are re-produced and transferred onto brand new lorries. The lorries are named after each school.

The winning designs are unveiled when the school’s lorry visits each playground and the winners are awarded a book voucher. The children then get the opportunity to sit inside the lorry and talk to the driver.

We believe that it is essential for children to understand the industry and be aware of the importance of  recycling and quarrying operations and also the dangers which come with the industry.  We can arrange site visits with local schools and colleges or undertake assemblies/ presentations focussing on the topics of sustainability, the environment, recycling and safety.  If required, a tailored lesson plan is can be devised for each class to achieve their curriculum’s multiple learning objectives for Geography, Science, Technology, Maths and Citizenship.

We also allow the students to try on a range of personal protective equipment, teach them how to recognise signs and symbols, provide free goody bags and present them with their very own hi-visibility vests to encourage them to stay safe and be seen.

Raymond Brown run a number of fun competitions within the local schools.

Our most recent initiative involves giving local schoolchildren a recycled cotton bag and asking them to come up with creative designs based around the theme of recycling. This project promotes the importance of recycling whilst providing the children with a self-designed bag which they can reuse. The range of colourful designed bags we receive illustrates just how much the children know about recycling.

Another initiative involves asking schoolchildren to come up with safety posters for our sites, the winning posters are then displayed around our sites and the students rewarded with prizes.

Raymond Brown have attended many career events ranging from primary schools to senior schools, colleges, universities and industry association organised events.  We have a dedicated HR Department who promote not only the organisation but the industries in which we work.

We also offer work experience placements, mock interviews and curriculum vitae reading each year to local secondary schools, providing detailed feedback and suggestions to the students.

For school leavers and those looking for a career change, we offer a number of trainee and apprenticeship opportunities. We also recruit graduates within a variety of related disciplines.

As part of our site communication plans and resident liaison strategies, Raymond Brown regularly opens the doors of its facilities to the local community.

We welcome local residents and encourage them to bring their families and take a site tour to learn more about what we do.  We enable them to see firsthand how our facilities operate and to provide them with a further understanding of how our investments are helping to increase the county’s recycling rates, subsequently promoting waste recycling in the local area.